The Rocky Horror Picture Show is the cult movie of all times. Running in theaters around the world for more the 27 years now, with a large group of hard core fans who come to see the movie regularly, time and time again. They shout lines at the movie, throw rice, playing cards and other objects to the air and cover their heads with newspapers or light up matches in response to the movie. In addition, some fans also group up in "Casts" and perform on stage during the movie!

In Israel shows are being held at least once a month, and sometimes more. There are many active and retired casts and three theaters usually show the movie: The Tel Aviv Cinematheque, the Haifa Cinematheque, and the "Cochav" theater at Ramat Hasharon.

The purpose of this site, Rocky Horror's Israel Show Center, is to help you find the shows near you, when are they being held, how much will they cost, who is performing and other useful information. In order to use the site you must first register to the site. After you register you will be admitted to the shows list, where you will be able to register to any show you'd like (don't get confused between registering to the site and registering to a show), reserving yourself a ticket to that certain show.